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Pastor Jeremy's Thoughts 

Jeremy Pressgrove
Pastor’s Thoughts

Have you ever found something that you did not realize you were missing? This happens to me all the time when we are doing some type of deep cleaning in our house. We will find things behind the couch or in the bottom of drawers and we did not even realize they were gone. I know, this probably is a statement about our family having way too much stuff and we do. However, sometime we find things that are really useful and they become major parts of our day. We had just adjusted to life without them, and then when we find whatever the item is it gets easier to do a task.
I found something this Lent that I didn’t know I was missing. I decided that each Friday I would go spend time at the Arkansas House of Prayer. It is on the campus of an Episcopal Church in West Little Rock. I had never been before but a friend told me about it so I decided to try it. I found something there I never knew I was missing. This is a place of silence and prayer with no phones, distractions or anything to do other than read a Bible, pray or write in a journal. I discovered that I need that space and had really been missing quite time to be with God. I find God in the quite in ways I do not during the noise and business of most days. God is always there, and when I get still it becomes easier to sense and to know.
I encourage you this Lent and this year to try some new spiritual practices. Maybe spend an hour or two in silence, read through your Bible, try a new way to prayer, write in a journal, or you may even try fasting. You, like me, might find something that is beautiful, meaningful and that you never knew you were missing before you began. May God bless you and keep you on your journey. May the light of God shine upon you and may you always know that you are God’s child
Peace be with you,

Rev. Jeremy Pressgrove